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Our travels, curiosity and love of nature, beauty and celebrations with family and friends inspired us to create The House Candle.

We’ve been close friends for years and share a love for ‘pure luxury.’ That is, the feeling of luxury in clean, earth-loving spaces. What better way to feel this than with beautifully smelling clean-burning candles that give you the incredible feeling of luxury, comfort, memories and escapism through scents inspired by where we live, visit, celebrate and dream about. 

 We make our candles in small batches. Each is hand-poured with organic and sustainable, non-GMO coconut wax that burns cleanly and slower than other waxes. Our candles are infused with pure essential oils and clean fragrances with no dyes, parabens, toxins or phthalates. They are 100% vegan and of course cruelty-free. Our cotton wicks are lead and zinc free and our packaging is made with recycled material. 

Each candle is 10 oz and will burn 50+ hours.

Thank you for being part of our House family and sharing your memories, celebrations and dreams with us. Enjoy your favorite candle in your ‘pure luxury’ spot. You deserve it.

With love from our HOUSE, to your HOUSE.

  • Cruelty Free

    Not tested on animals and 100% vegan

  • Non-GMO

    Made with sustainable, non-GMO coconut wax

  • Clean Fragrances

    Infused with essential oils

  • Non-Toxic

    No dyes, parabens, toxins or phthalates

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on the house.

We love free stuff. How about you?

We do our best to provide you as much detail as we can for you to choose the perfect scent through scent categories, details and descriptions.

To help you even more, we give you a tester strip with a scent of one of our candles (or more than one!) with purchase.

So get your nose ready and find (another) perfect candle with our scent testers. If you have one in mind you’d like to receive with your purchase, please email us at hello@thehousecandle.com.

We would love to hear from you! 

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